Kim Peterson

Welcome to Creation-E

Co-Creating as ONE!


A private community-based membership where we can co-create together, share our wisdom and support each other through this evolutionary journey to higher creator consciousness.
Creation-E is a space for all souls who want a safe, sacred, and supportive space to learn, heal, express, and expand their co-creative essence.  It is membership space for individuals living and leading a soul led life who want to feel supported, seen, heard, and guided along their OWN evolutionary path of purpose.

 Creation-E was created to guide and support all those on the path of purpose who are here to create impact through their creations.  Those who are here to raise the frequency of the planet by becoming their embodied soul-self. It is a platform where I teach and share the wisdom that flows through me and support you through your own journey into your creator self.




  • SOUL-LED DISCUSSIONS: you will find within this space discussions on various topics about the soul’s evolution such as soul healing, consciousness, creator consciousness, energetic mastery, soul alchemy and soul artistry and much more…
  •  WORKSHOPS & EVENTS: you can join live online events and workshop led by the host and other chosen members directly within the community space. 
  •  LIVE STREAM: join the host in livestream Q&A, meditation, and healing circles.
  •  MEDITATIONS: access recorded meditations within this space 
  •  MONTHLY CREATE WITH ME: join one of our premium memberships to access our monthly community “create with me” where we share our creations. (with a paid membership)
  • MONTHLY SACRED CIRCLES: join one of our premium memberships to access our monthly soul gatherings. (with a paid membership)

The community portal is free to join and has premium options within this space. 
We are on a path of purpose, a path of ascending consciousness that is training us to become powerful co-creators bringing forth divine universal creations that serve in creating heaven on earth once more!

When you join our community you will be able to access this 21 day container for free! Learn more about this container HERE

Join our space if you are ready to be part of growing our soul community with us!

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